Craig Bell

"When I moved to Indiana, I decided to stop playing and sold all my gear except for my Mosrite, only because I had lent it to Claude's cousin. After a few years, I came to realize I couldn't not play music. It is what I am still here for."

From pre-punk anthems to streetwise social commentary to timeless pop, Craig's career as a musician/singer/songwriter now spans four decades and a long list of bands.

Craig's catalog of recordings is impressive: albums by Mirrors, Rocket From the Tombs, and X___X; two singles with Saucers, (1979–1980); songs by Saucers and The Plan on the compilation LP It Happened But Nobody Noticed (1982, reissued as It Happened But Nobody Noticed/Temp Supplementaire on CD 2008); a single by The Plan (1983); The Bell System's "America Now" (on the radio-station-only SCREAM promo LP in 1985) along with various songs contributed to other compilations in the USA and Europe; What We Did, a 2002 CD of Saucers studio recordings released by Grand Theft Audio of Los Angeles; a CD EP Second Saucer (2009), a reunion of members of Saucers; as well as a CD (America Now), CD EP (Beehunter), and two singles by the Down-fi (2008 – ). Craig also played bass with Bloomington's Gizmos in 2014, including an appearance at Goner Fest, and recorded new material with them, 21st Century Gizmos Fans Can't Be Wrong, released in 2016.

There was still unreleased material in Bell's archives, some of which finally saw the light of day on aka Darwin Layne, released by ever/never Records in 2016. It was preceded by the teaser 45 "America Now/Annie," released by Violet Times.

He is currently concentrating on new recordings with Nick Pryor, Dusty Privette, and others as well as performing as Craig Bell and Band, while also working on a solo project involving keyboards, synthesizer, guitar and bass, and a collection of effects pedals. Craig continues to record with The Rhythm Methodists as well.

Craig was born in Elmira, New York, in 1952 and grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. In the mid-'70s he moved to New Haven, Connecticut and later relocated to Indianapolis, continuing to create and record music wherever he resides.