What's New

It has been awhile between updates, but here are a few things new and exciting just for you!

GOODTIMESROCKNROLLCLUB Issue #2 split single was released in 2020 and includes a track by The Down-fi. The song "You Won’t Like It" was recorded in Charleston, IL during the sessions that resulted in the release of the Down-fi single, "Roadmaster" b/w "Why Me," on Cavetone Records in 2014. This track was originally to be part of a split single on Cavetone, but circumstances changed and a full single was released with this recording remaining unreleased until now! Check out our store for ordering info on both releases!

The Room In My Head, an album I completed in January of 2020, has been available on Bandcamp since April and will soon be available in our store in CD form.

Joe Chamandy, creator of Celluloid Lunch fanzine, will be featuring a flexi disc in the next issue (#5) with a song by The Bell System ("You Be You") as well as an interview with Claudia Bell featuring her rock photography. It will be available on Bandcamp