The Down-fi

Samuel C. Murphy, Craig Bell, Blane Slaven, 2012. Photo: Sweet Corrosion
Mark Wyatt, Craig Bell, Phil Kitchel, Samuel C. Murphy, Charleston, IL, 2015. Photo: Claudia Bell
Samuel C. Murphy, Craig Bell, Blane Slaven, 2014. Photo: Krissy Arnold
Blane Slaven, Craig Bell, Samuel C. Murphy, The Melody Inn, Indianapolis, 2012
Craig Bell, Phil Kitchel, Samuel C. Murphy, The Grove Haus, Indianapolis, 2015. Photo: Claudia Bell
Mark Wyatt, Samuel C. Murphy, Craig Bell, Phil Kitchel, 2015. Photo: Claudia Bell
Craig Bell, Blane Slaven, Samuel C. Murphy, 2014. Photo: Krissy Arnold
Samuel C. Murphy, Blane Slaven, Craig Bell, 2011. Photo: Sweet Corrosion
Cavetone 45 promo poster 2014
Craig Bell, Jason Bambery, Michael Theodore, Samuel C. Murphy, 2008. Photo: Sweet Corrosion
Photo: Chuck Bowi
Austin, TX, 2012
Mike Theodore, 2010
Phil Kitchel, 2016
Jim Kuczkowski & Mark Wyatt, The Litter Box, Indianapolis, IN, 2014
Mini Marathon 2014, Indianapolis
BelGrotto, 2014. Photo: Krissy Arnold
Craig Bell, Blane Slaven - Cavetone Sessions, 2012
Otto's Shrunken Head - New York City, 2011. Our gig was cancelled due to “renovation”
Meriden, CT, 2010
Samuel C. Murphy - Cavetone Sessions, 2012
Austin, TX, 2012
TDFi - 2010
With Chelsea Hotel at The Spitfire, Cleveland, OH, 2011
Indianapolis, IN, 2010
Indianapolis, IN, 2012
Chicago, 2010
PRN again, 2012
We love our fans! Third St. Dive, Louisville, KY
WICR, Indianapolis, 2010
Melody Inn, Indianapolis, IN 2015. Photo: Mike Kole
With Jules and Bill De Gidio, and Ralf Armin Kaethner, Houston, TX, 2011