Saucers, Gustav Records, and It Happened But Nobody Noticed

Reviews - What We Did

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Selected press/promotional releases, etc.
Saucers promo letter, 1979
New Haven Advocate artcle on Gustav, 1980
Toad's ticket: Saucers w/Poodle Boys
Yale Daily News, 03/04/80
Unicorn Times, Nov. 1979
Selected posters, etc.
Second Saucer CD release show
Selected video

"What We Do" 1979 single

"Muckraker" 1979 single

"I Didn’t Get It" 1979 single

"A Certain Kind of Shy" 1980 single

"She's Alright" 8mm film by Ulf Rassmussen, Toad’s Place, New Haven, CT, 1980

"Why Me" video by maxiVerst, 1980

It Happened But Nobody Noticed compilation album Selected reviews, promo, and related

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New Haven Advocate
New Haven Advocate, 04/24/2008
The Arts Paper, June 6, 2008
Promo poster
Cafe 9 set times poster by Tom Hearn

Posters by Ernst Weber for the Cafe 9 show


IT HAPPENED BUT NOBODY NOTICED documentary by Jerry Lombardo and Eric Schrader

New Haven Register, 09/04/2009